Curvy Cupid Course Opinion Survey

Thank you so much for helping me develop the Curvy Cupid Course! Please take ten minutes to complete this opinion survey after completing all the lessons and posting all action steps in the Facebook group. This will help me identify changes that can be made to the course, as well as parts that are particularly strong.

Anonymous Identification Tool
The following questions help to create a unique identification code that is completely anonymous. That code will help me follow your responses to the surveys throughout and after the course ends. I can follow that code from the pre, post, and follow-up surveys while helping you maintain complete confidentiality and anonymity in your responses.
Optional Testimonial
Thoughts About the Content
What did you think of the material?
0 = not at all useful; 10 = very useful
Thoughts About the Workbook
What did you think about the Deliberate Dating Plan Workbook?
0 = not useful; 10 = very useful
Thoughts About the Technology
How easy was it to access the course materials?
0 = not easy at all; 10 = very easy
Thoughts About the Community
What did you think of the Facebook group?
0 = not at all; 10 = very much
General Thoughts About the Course
Tell me what your general impression was.
0 = I would not recommend it; 10 = very likely to recommend it