The Curvy Cupid Course is Coming!

Welcome to the Curvy Cupid Course! I’m Krista Niles, and I’m the therapist founder of this course designed to help plus-size babes get some really great dates – just by being our fabulous selves.

Throughout my career I’ve helped straight-sized and plus-sized women alike find their confidence and self-love, put themselves out there, and find the partners they’d always dreamed they could have.

But over and over, I’ve seen the same pattern. Heard the same worries, fears, and reasons not to date.

“No one can love me at this size.”

“I’ll date, but first I have to lose 20 pounds.”

“The only guys who will contact me are fat fetishists!”

“I can send 20 emails and not get one response.”

Oh, I know these worries so, so well. Back before I decided to deliberately put myself out there (and long before I found the most incredible partner who brightens up my every day on this earth), these four lines repeated like a cruel poem at the back of my brain, reminding me every day why I shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t date.

The thing is, every woman I’ve worked with around the issue of dating has had every skill she needed to make online dating work for her – only she didn’t know it! She didn’t know how to harness her grit, her stick-to-itiveness, her organizational skill, and her goal-setting ability toward the task of finding her partner.

And that’s why I created Curvy Cupid – so that women like us could start taking their dating lives seriously, deliberately set their intentions, operationalize their goals, and change the dating odds into their favor.

Is it hard to find a fella worthy of you? Heck yes it is!

Is he out there? Can you find him? I have absolutely no doubt.

You don’t need a special BBW dating app. You don’t need to post 10-year-old pictures of yourself from when you fit into those adorable Anthropologie pants (what is wrong with that store? Plus-size, people, please!) You definitely don’t need to lose however many pounds to “find the woman you always knew you could be,” or whatever Oprah would have you believe.

And hey, you don’t even have to be 100% crazy about yourself or how you look – although let’s see if we can get you feeling better about yourself (and enjoying your life more, just the way you are).

That’s right, what you need is a deliberate approach to dating. It ain’t fast, or easy, or as simple as throwing a profile up on a few different sites and hoping for the best.

It takes deliberation. Strategy. Thinking through. Setting aside time. Budgeting. Working through resistance. Leaning on your community.

Curvy Cupid is here to walk you through this process, step by step. We’ll have lots of free content coming out through our blogs. We’ll have newsletters for ya. We’ll send some serious freebies, bonuses, and discounts your way. Webinars? We’ll have ‘em.

And here’s your first freebie: check out this Body Positive Starter Kit we cooked up with a bunch of really sweet places to start your self-love and confidence building.

I couldn’t be happier to have you here. And you know who else I’m happy for? That magnificent man, waiting out there; that fine fella who’s ready to meet his future wife. I’m so happy you’ve decided to put yourself out there so that he gets to have you in his life.

So if you're ready, go ahead and sign up for the Curvy Cupid Course's July 5th Start Date (at the PRE-SALE PRICE of $100 off!)

Or if you want a little sample of what the course will cover, get going on your dating with the FREE Plus Size Dating Starter Course!

Here we go. Let’s do this!

XO, Curvy (aka Krista)